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Because nothing is more attractive than a cat in good physical shape, Royal Canin has developed FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION, a range of tailor-made products adapted to each cat’s specific needs
The Breed Health Nutrition range benefits from RoyalCanin’s research: selection of the best protein sources, unique ingredients and flavours, and tailor-made kibbles designed in their shape, texture and size to fit both different jaws.
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Complete balanced dog food. The combination of rich meat goodness with wholesome brown rice and energy packed organic oats.
Hypo-allergenic to help stop loose digestion and soothe skin irritation.
Gentle on your dog's digestion
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James Wellbeloved Adult is formulated to meet the protein and energy requirements of the adult
cat aged 1 to 7 and includes a balance of soluble and insoluble fibres to support the digestive system.
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Royal Canin Dog Food

Premium dry pet foods are in abundance these days more than at any time in the past and with such a large variety to choose from how do you know which type to purchase for your pet dog? Well as a dog owner and also being a pet shop owner I am often asked which food is best food for my dog. When it comes to dry, complete dog food I can highly recommend Royal Canin, it is a premium brand food made using the best available ingredients that are strictly quality controlled, the meat used is human grade and all ingredients are tested and identified throughout the manufacturing process. The dog food is packaged in a reduced oxygen environment to retain freshness as long as possible. Apart from the foods formulation and quality of the ingredients the age, size, breed and sensitivities of dogs are also taken into account to design kibbles that are suitable not only for the size of the dog but also for specific breeds needs. This takes into account growth rates and even bite size & shape. The Royal Canin range of dog food is available for dogs of all shapes and sizes and includes x-small, mini, medium, maxi & giant. Foods are available in various types specific to the dogs age and sensitivity and include puppy, junior adult & senior plus sensitive for dogs with digestive problems. Also available in the range are dermacomfort foods specifically to aid dogs with sensitive skin and coat condition.

Royal Canin are one of only a few companies that produce babydog milk, this is a milk replacer for puppies from 0 to 2 months old, very useful if the mother is struggling with a large brood or not feeding 1 or more of the puppies. Their babydog starter food is a complete dog feed for bitches and her puppies. This can be fed to the bitch at the end of her gestation and during lactation and also can be given to weaning puppies up to 2 months old.

Their breed specific range is extensive and devised from a concentration of technical expertise from both the unique knowledge of Royal Canin combined with the practical experience of Breeders. Covering in this range Bulldogs, Boxers, Cavaliers, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, Labrador/Retrievers, Rottweilers & many others.

I have been using products from the Royal Canin range for 30+ years for my own dogs of various breeds. My own pet dogs have ranged from show winning pedigree’s to those of unknown parentage and all have flourished on this food. I have also been selling their range of pet foods for over 20 years from my shop in Faringdon Oxfordshire and more recently online through my website allpet UK as well as other well known online outlets. With such a wide range of products available you are sure to find just the right food to suit your own dog, be it the family pet or a working breed that is on the go all day.
James Wellbeloved Dog Food

Premium dog foods versus the cheaper alternatives are they value for money?

When comparing low priced dog and cat food in comparison to premium foods there are many factors to consider. Firstly value, do you know that you need to feed far less daily of a premium food making it more economical than the lower priced products. A typical example would show the amounts needed to feed an adult dog of 25kg as, 500g a day for the "economy” food compared with 300g a day for the premium food. This would typically save you 20% on a medium size bag so it is actually better value to pay 20% more for the premium food especially considering the fact that the ingredients are going to be of much higher quality.

Because the premium food will contain higher quality ingredients and be much healthier for your pet, it is less likely for your pet to become ill and suffer from skin problems, digestive trouble and even bad behaviour. Aggression in dogs can be influenced by diet just as much as other more obvious health issues. All this means it is less likely you will be spending money at the vet putting right issues that the lower quality, less expensive foods could cause or at least be a contributing factor.

So looking at the James Wellbeloved brand of dog food what separates it from the less expensive dog foods? Quality is the key here with this brand you can be sure that all the ingredients are monitored closely through out the manufacturing process. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in these foods specially selected wholesome ingredients make them naturally healthy, completely satisfying and very tasty for your dog.

There is no beef or pork, no wheat or wheat gluten, no dairy products or eggin James Wellbeloved dog food and it is hypo-allergenic and free from many of the ingredients which are renowned for causing food intolerances. Itdoes not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This complete dog food has been developed to be easy on your dog’s digestive tract and will also help to soothe itchy coats. Their foods contain a single source of meat protein - either turkey, lamb, duck or ocean white fish of the finest quality. The carbohydrate content of this food comes from rice, barley and oats. These are a valuable energy source but also delicate on your dog’s digestion.

Royal Canin Cat Food

This is a company that has been around for a long time in the UK and throughout Europe and is one of the leading brands in the pet world producing complete cat food.

They manufacture very high quality specialist pet foods for dogs and cats to help provide the best nutrition for all sizes, stages of life, physiological needs as well as taking into account the animals health. Their cat food is sold through specialist independent pet shops as well as veterinarian surgeries. It is fed and recommended by many cat breeders.

One single type of cat food does not necessarily suit all cats. So this company take into account the age, the amount of activity as well as the breed type, size and of course the lifestyle of the cat to create a suitable diet. They were the first pet food manufacturing company to do so. It all started back in 1980 when they were the first to introduce specific diets for large breed puppies, in 1997 they were the first to meet the different nutritional needs of small, medium and large breeds of dog, and in 1999 they launched the first food for a specific breed of cat, formulated for the unique dietary needs of Persians. Now you can purchase complete cat foods specifically designed to meat the needs of Norwegian forest cats, British shorthair, Maine coon, Ragdoll, Siamese and Sphynx. Today they continue to innovate and you’ll find the latest releases from Royal Canin on their website. As an example the British Shorthair cat has a powerful and sturdy body with hardworking joints. And the Royal Canin Cat breed specific helps support healthy bones and joints and contributes to maintaining muscle mass. Also this foods kibble has a unique shape and large size that is designed to encourage the British Shorthair cat to chew properly, which helps support oral hygiene and the formula is enriched with taurine and EPA & DHA for a healthy heart and urinary system.

James Wellbeloved Cat Food

When it comes to choosing the right food for your cat you can’t go far wrong with James Wellbeloved, this company is a very well established and highly respected manufacturer of pet foods and treats. Recommended by breeders, vets and the independent pet shops in the UK and Europe

Their complete dry cat food contains only natural ingredients such as succulent duck, turkey, or fish with added rice, tomato, potato and maize. Manufactured in Somerset England, James Wellbeloved Complete Cat Foods only use the finest natural ingredients to create wholesome and tasty recipes that your cat will enjoy. There are no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives used and they do not use any ingredients known to cause food intolerances. In their own words they arededicatedto making naturally healthy, flavour some food that will meet your cat's nutritional needs throughout their life. Also they remain true to their heritage, with no compromise to the products quality.

Their kitten food for example is formulated to meet the increased protein and energy requirements of the rapidly growing kitten also it is designed to support bone development. It contains a natural prebiotic in the form of chicory extract and to help support digestive health, with added extra taurine whichis an essential amino acid that supports fuctions such as eyes and heart. The Omega fatty acids present help to promote a glossy coat and Yucca extract is included to reduce stool odour.This complete dry food has the bonus of being hypo-allergenic. The selected protein source is turkey which is a dietetic food and good in the reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances. Also they have a fish based version through out the range. Similarly the adult for cats age 1 to 7 years and senior for 7 years and over. These foods are specifically manufactured to aid in keeping your pet cat healthy through out it’s life. The senior food is formulated to meet the protein and energy requirements of the older adult cat. It include a mix of glucosamine, chodroitin and herbs to help in supporting the joint system which may cause the cat problems with increasing age and this food has restricted phosphorus levels to reduce the risk of renal problems.

Senior, Housecat, Hairball, Oral Health, Light & No Cereal foods have also been introduced into their range, so something for every cat type or age. As a pet retailer for the past 20+ years I have seen many foods come and go but this brand is one that has always been around and is certainly well liked by cat owners and the shop owners who sell it, not least for it’s consistency in quality and the companies no compromise attitude to it’s products

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Joint Aid for Dogs ...the painless, economical aid for maintaining healthy joints.
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Joint Aid for Dogs

Dog supplements and remedies are often in the form of cod liver oil based products that can help reduce wear in the joint particularly for older dogs. Products such as Solvitax or Vitapets R-A formula can help. They may be given to younger dogs too as a preventative and can be easily added to the dogs normal food. Other supplements such as vitamin and mineral products may be given in the same way. Many premium brand dog foods already contain such elements making the addition of extra’s unessesary.

One of the UK’s best selling products is the following of which I have included the manufacturers (GWF nutrition) information.

Joint Aid for Dogs is a painless, economical aid for maintaining healthy joints.
Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that the well being of many dogs is compromised by the onset of stiff joints or uneasy movement in their later years. As a result, Joint Aid for Dogs has been uniquely designed and is 100% natural. 11, naturally occurring nutricines are incorporated into Joint Aid for Dogs to provide the very best support for your dog: Below is alist of some of the ingredients used in this product.
> Chondroitin - responsible for the resilience of cartilage as well as
its formation and repair.
> Collagen - the main supportive protein of bone, cartilage and connective
tissue which acts as the body's glue for adhering cartilage to bone, teeth
to gums, etc.
> Curcumin - helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory action of the
dog's metabolism.
> Glucosamine - involved in the formation of tendons, skin, bones and
ligaments and maintains the ability of cartilage to hold water in order
to act as a shock absorber.
> Glutamine - supports the gut barrier and immune functions.
> MSM - essential for healthy connective tissue, joint function,
cell replacement, enzyme activity as well as the immune system.
> Oatinol(tm) - supplies natural antioxidants, polar lipids, beta glucans
and galacto lipid emulsifiers, required to maintain gut cell integrity,
maintain the lining of the gut, support the immune system and aid the
absorption of nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.
> Vitamin C - involved in the natural healing process and is important to
the immune system.

As with any supplement only feed the recommended amount that is dependant on the animals weight and sometimes activity level. All supplement manufacturers print feeding guide-lines on the product packaging and these should be followed carefully.
Naturea Dog Food.
Naturea Regional follows the Biologically Appropriate concept of not feeding grains. Dogs are carnivores and will benefit from being fed grain free dog food. Naturea is developed by vets and pet nutritionists.

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