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Royal Canin Cat food
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Because nothing is more attractive than a cat in good physical shape, Royal Canin has developed FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION, a range of tailor-made products adapted to each cat’s specific needs
Royal Canin Dog Food
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The Breed Health Nutrition range benefits from RoyalCanin’s research: selection of the best protein sources, unique ingredients and flavours, and tailor-made kibbles designed in their shape, texture and size to fit both different jaws.
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James Wellbeloved
Dog Food
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Complete balanced dog food. The combination of rich meat goodness with wholesome brown rice and energy packed organic oats.
Hypo-allergenic to help stop loose digestion and soothe skin irritation.
Gentle on your dog's digestion
Priced below the r.r.p.
James Wellbeloved
Cat Food
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James Wellbeloved Adult is formulated to meet the protein and energy requirements of the adult
cat aged 1 to 7 and includes a balance of soluble and insoluble fibres to support the digestive system.
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Alex Griffiths Cosipet Dog Beds
Large Range of colours and sizes
10% OFF Great quality British Made dog beds
Also dog basket liners and dog donut beds
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Made Beds
Joint Aid for dogs 2kg ON OFFER
Joint Aid for Dogs
...the painless, economical aid for maintaining healthy joints.
ONLY £52.49
(r.r.p. £76.96)
Cat scratching posts
The Acticat Duette Has A Carpet Post And A Sisal Post For Your Cat To Climb Up
And Scratch And A Lovely, Cosy, Cushioned Platform For Him Or Her To Relax In,
To Catch Forty Winks.
Priced below the r.r.p.
Reptile specialist lighting including u.v. bulbs, basking spot bulbs and associated bulb holders and bulb guards.
Large Range of
Reptile Goods
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We recommend Joint Aid for dogs, it is a great product that will maintain normal wear and repair of cartilage, tendons and joints. It also keeps flexibility of movement at all levels of work and exercise.
The natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dogs metabolism are also improved with consistent use of joint aid. It contains Chondroitin, Collogen, Cucumin, Glucosamine and Glutamine as well as MSM for healthy connective tissue, joint function, cell replacement, enzyme activity and the immune system. Joint Aid also contains Oatinol with antioxidantsfrom natural sources and polar lipids to maintain gut cell wall integrity. Plus added vitamin C.
Memory Foam dog beds now available to order with 10% OFF the R.R.P. Call 01367 244828

Some things to consider when purchasing a dog bed or cat bed. The construction of a soft pet bed, be it for a small dog, large dog or a cat is very important for its longevity in use. A dog may be on the bed for many hours a day and so the bed needs to offer good comfort and support.

As with most products you get what you pay for and so buying cheap pet beds is a false economy as they will not last very long and may actually be harmful to your pets health. It is worth paying a little more for a well constructed pet bed. The pet beds we sell are manufactured in the UK using quality products such as contract grade upholstery foam, memory foam and safe polyester filling. The covers are made from strong but comfortable materials that will last for many years.

With proper care these dog beds, dog crate mats and cat igloo’s and cat beds will last the lifetime of your pet and they are machine washable so you can keep them smelling fresh too.
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The Famous Vetbed animal bedding is available from the roll in original grey £28 per meter and FREE POST UK
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